Board News

EACRA elects a new Board

The European Association of Credit Rating Agencies (EACRA) is pleased to announce the election of its new Board. The Board elections took place on 17 November 2020 during the virtual EACRA General Assembly.

The new Board members are:

Michela Stefanini, Compliance and Risk Officer at Cerved Rating Agency
Nick Charteris Black, Managing Director at AM Best Europe
Christian Ringen, Compliance Officer at Nordic Credit Rating

EACRA is also pleased to announce that two sitting Board members, Zafer Diab, Managing Director at Capital Intelligence Ratings and Thomas Missong, Managing Director at Ratingplatform, were re-elected.

On 24 November 2020, the newly elected Board convened to assign the following roles:

      President:                       Thomas Missong
      Secretary General:        Michela Stefanini
      Treasurer:                       Christian Ringen
      Board Members:            Nick Charteris-Black and Zafer Diab
EACRA wishes to thank retiring Board Members, Mr Rafi Karagöl (EACRA Treasurer 2010-20), Mr Adolfo Estevez Beneyto (EACRA Secretary General 2014-20) and Mr Sinisa Kalinic (Board Member 2017-20) for their commitment and active contributions to the work and activities of EACRA.